Alpenföhn Wing Boost 3 ARGB High Speed Triple

Visual inspection

The Wing Boost 3 ARGB High Speed has a minimalist design, with subtle addressable RGB elements integrated within the frame of the fan. The Wing Boost 3 ARGB High Speed model is identical in design with the regular Wing Boost 3 ARGB. The main difference between the two models is that the “High Speed” version is capable of spinning up to 2200RPM, while the regular Wing Boost 3 has a maximum speed of just 1600RPM.

The fan has the standard dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm.


The Wing Boost 3 uses a total of 11 impellers to generate the airflow and static pressure. These have notches on the top side to reduce the air turbulence around inside the frame. In addition, the angle of the impellers helps reduce the amount of load the motor has to apply to spin the fan, and thus, achieve the same airflow at a lower speed.


The gap between the tip of the blades and the inner side of the frame is good. A smaller gap between the impeller and the frame, reduces the pressure drop, and is indicative of a good static pressure fan.


The Wing Boost 3 ARGB uses a Fluid Dynamic Bearing, a system which has been used before in other models, and has a proven track record for reliability.


The corners of the frame have rubber pads installed on both sides. The main purpose of this is to dampen the vibrations generated by the rotational movement of the hub and impellers. In addition, rubber pads provide a better base for the fan to sit on, and prevent any scratches on heatsinks or radiators.


The Wing Boost 3 has some interesting design choices, the edges of the frame, towards the back, have a frame structure that is molded into the plastic. At first glance it looks like a design element, however it serves a structural purpose, as the frame is very rigid.


The back of the fan has four straight beams that hold the bearing & the hub assembly. As is the case with all fans, one beam routes all the wires of the fan with the help of two plastic clips.
The back of the fan hub features a label with the Alpenföhn logo and the model number of the fan. The manufacture date of the product is also stamped on the upper side of the label.


The Wing Boost 3 ARGB High Speed has two connectors, one 4-Pin connector for power and a 3-Pin connector for the addressable RGB system.
The cable and wires are not covered by sleeving; however, the wires are completely black and will blend with the rest of the fan.

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