Alfawise EX17S SmartWatch


The smartwatch was tested over the course of three weeks of daily usage. The screen while having a single color, is easy to read in decent lightning conditions. However, glass that covers the display offers minimal glare visibility. An anti-glare coating or film would have solved this problem.


The Alfawise EX17S includes plenty of useful functions such as: Alarm, Low Battery alarm, Stopwatch, Calories count and the number of steps made in a given day. The time is automatically adjusted once the watch is paired with your smartphone.


Final thoughts

The Alfawise EX17S SmartWatch is an affordable smartwatch that has a minimalist design which helps it pass as a regular sport wrist watch. The multiple sport oriented functions allow for the smartwatch to fulfill multiple purposes, including a regular time keeping accessory or a workout assistant.

The rugged and minimalist design make the Alfawise EX17S a good all-round smartwatch as it can be exposed water spills and dust, thanks to it’s IP67 rating. Another worth mentioning feature is the single usage CR2450 button battery. While many users would prefer to charge their devices at the end of the day, a sport smartwatch should be able to stay powered on for over 24 hours. Replacing the battery once a year on average is a price worth paying given the advantages of nonstop operation of the watch.

In conclusion, the Alfawise EX17S is an affordable sports smartwatch that offers all the needed features to be used in a workout routine or on a hiking trip. The included Thermoplastic polyurethane strap is comfortable and flexible, and thanks to the standard format used, it can be replaced with a different strap with ease.

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