Alfawise EX17S SmartWatch


Visual inspection

The Alfawise EX17S is a sport inspired smartwatch with a single-color digital screen and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The design of the watch is reminiscent of the older Casio Edifice Sport models.


The strap used for this watch is made out of Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, a soft and elastic material that is used as an alternative to silicone or synthetic rubber. The underside surface of the strap is smooth to the touch and is pleasant to wear. The top side of the strap has a diamond pattern encased by simple angled lines.


The buckle used for the EX17S is made out of metal, a great feature to have especially on a component that is prone to have pressure applied all the time.


One of the important things to note about the EX17S smartwatch is that it can’t be charged. It uses a standard CR2450 button battery that needs to be replaced every year on average. To replace the battery, the four screws placed on the back of the watch need to be removed.


The watch uses a simple single-color screen to display all the information. A night mode is also available by pressing the Light button on the upper left side of the watch. The screen itself has average glare protection.


The smartwatch has four buttons for the night mode, and other various functions available. Many functions including powering and turning off the watch are accessible by pressing two buttons at the same time. For a full description of all functions, please read the user manual, as there are too many to list inside a review.

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