Alfawise EX17S SmartWatch


Alfawise is a technology brand that is producing and selling general tech and smart home devices for the general market. The product type ranges from smart home appliances to healthcare and sport devices. The products are often sold through the official Alfawise website or Gearbest.


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Packaging and accessories

The smartwatch is packaged in a simple cardboard box with no graphical elements present, apart from the red Alfawise sport logo on the front side.


The packaging offers adequate protection for the smartwatch, with hard foam holding the watch at the center of the box and soft cardboard under the watch that will dampen any impact.



The product comes with the following accessories:
– 1x Manual



Model: EX17S
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
Size: (L x W x H): 5.50 x 27.00 x 1.40 cm
Built-in chip type: SI – BW03
IP rating: IP67
Waterproof: Yes
Alert type: Beeping
Bluetooth calling: Phone call reminder
Health tracker:Pedometer
Messaging: Message reminder
Notification type: Facebook, G-mail, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, WhatsApp
Remote control function: Remote Camera
Operating mode:Press button
Type of battery: CR2450 button battery
Band material: TPU
Case material: Diamond Carbon Coating
Shape of the dial: Round
Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and above systems


– Low Battery Reminder: remind you to change the battery
– Luminous Dial: convenient to see the time even in a dark circumstance.
– Social Share: you can share your sports situation with your friends at any time
– 610mAh CR2450 Button Battery: no need charge for the watch, and easy to carry
– Long Standby Time: 540 days (normally about 18 months), longer time to use
– APP Download: Sports +
– 1.22-inch FATN full screen
– Other function: Alarm, Low Battery Reminder, Luminous Dial, Stopwatch

6 thoughts on “Alfawise EX17S SmartWatch”

  1. I am having trouble switching ON the watch that I just received as a gift. Unlike the other buttons, the ON button is stiff, meaning it is not flexible and soft like the others that go in when you push them. Is the ON button supposed to like that?

    1. It is supposed to be a bit on the stiff side, but it should have a clicking feeling, you can try to move it with a sharp object.

  2. Can I at least get a set of legible instructions that can be read with the human eye. The writing is so small as to be almost unreadable. At least provide a printable version with a larger text format.

    1. Indeed, the manual is pretty small, you can try the Alfawise website, or send them an email. For some reason, they removed the watch from their website.

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