In Win Pro 1 headphone stand





  1. Introduction

    IN WIN was founded in 1985. Headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, is a manufacturer of cases, power supplies and IT accessories. IN WIN became a leader with high quality products and services. The eight elements that are the foundation of IN WINs success are: Innovation, Service, Speed, Value, Safety, Warmth, Faithfulness, and Diligence.



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2. Packaging and accessories

The stand is packaged in a multicolored cardboard box with white & red accents. The box presents the product using a plastic transparent window placed on the right edge.
On the front side of the packaging there are printed both the name of the product but also the name & logo of the manufacturer. Also the background is composed of an overview image of the stand.


The sides of the packaging are white, here the name of the product is printed while lower there are placed the manufacturer’s logo, a QR code and a photo of the two versions of the product.


The back side of the packaging lists the features of the product in 5 different languages, below there are presented its specifications while above there is the name of the stand.


3. Specifications

Name: In Win Pro 1
Product Type: Headphone Stand
Colors: Black-Green, Red-White
Material: Aluminum / Silicone Rubber
Dimension (L x W x H): 164.63 x 70 x 216.57 (mm)
Weight: 706 g
Country of Origin: Made In Taiwan

– Modern Geometric Layer Structure
– Solid and Vibrant Construction with Assorted Materials
– Polished Chamfered Aluminum Edge Design
– Rubber Coated Hanging Area for Excellent Protection
– Silicone Rubber Base for a Steady Grip
– Compatible with Over-The-Ear Headphones

4. Visual inspection

Like other In Win products, the Pro 1 headset stand has a unique design due to its customized shape and its color & material combination. The stand has a weight of 706g and is available in two color schemes: black-green and red-white.
The stand uses both aluminum and plastic in its construction. The front & back panels are made out of aluminum, their edges are polished and chromed. Also these panels are mounted with the help of 4 metallic screws, two on each side of the panel.

IMG_1086 IMG_1115

On the front panel there are applied both the name and logo of the manufacturer. These are polished close to a mirror like reflection.


IMG_1088 IMG_1098


The interior of the stand is made out of plastic, it has a minimalistic design, the oval space allows the use of any type of headsets.


IMG_0467 IMG_1121


The top side is rubberized, in the center there is an engraved general image of a pair of headsets. The stand accepts headsets with headbands with a width of up to 53mm, this being the maximum size of the rubberized hanging area.


IMG_1106 IMG_1112 IMG_1124


Like the interior, the base of the stand is made out of plastic, also it is rubberized for a better grip.


IMG_0500 IMG_0503 IMG_0504

5. Testing

Due to the rubberized surfaces, the Pro 1 model is a solid base even in the case of a pair of heaving headsets. Also the top hanging area is adapted to the shape of the headsets.

IMG_0507 IMG_0510 IMG_0512

6. Final thoughts

Like all In Win products, the Pro 1 model has an elegant design due to its shape and the combination of colors and materials. The build and finishes are excellent and the use of materials such as Aluminum, Plastic and Silicone is ideal in order to maintain the low weight of the stand and to offer a unique look thanks to their combination.

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