Silverstone Reversible USB Type-A to Reversible Type-C cables

SilverStone Technology launches the SST-CPU04-500 / SST-CPU04-1000 / SST-CPU04-1800 cables. These are available in three colors: Gold / Silver / Charcoal.

The CPU04 is a SilverStone designed cable for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices requiring USB connections. It has premium construction with nylon braiding and textured aluminum connector housing for great feel while in use. It also has reversible USB Type-A to reversible Type-C connectors with durable design and high power current loading capability, making it extremely easy to use and immensely useful.

  • Reversible USB-A and USB-C connectors
    Cable sleeved with nylon braiding
    Connectors constructed with aluminum housing
    Supports high speed charge and data sync
    Quality cable supports up to 3A for high performance charging

MSRP : $6.00 / $6.5 / $7.6€  excl. VAT

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