In Win Tòu – Deus Ex Machina

Just like the previous project, this one features the In Win Tòu case, with no. 41 being a limited edition chassis.

The sponsors involved with this new projects are as follows:

In Win Nederland 


Aquatuning Europe


Nvidia GeForce





With the launch of the new In Win Tòu 2.0, the first version retained it’s unique and stylish design, and this modding project has at its core that very design, while improving and changing some features.

The name Deus Ex Machina in Latin: “deʊs ɛks ˈmaː.kʰɪ.na”, translates to “god from the machine”, thus being a good fit for such an unique and limited edition case and system.



Motherboard: ASRock Z270 TAICHI
CPU: Intel i5 6600K
RAM: Patriot Viper 4 Series 8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL15
GPU: nVidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition
SSD: Transcend 370 Premium Series 256GB
PSU: Seasonic PRIME 850W Gold
Fans: NoiseBlocker eLoop B14-PS – In Win Aurora RGB
The water cooling system is done with the help of Alphacool and AquaTuning


In Win Tòu

The system ( some of the components are still in shipping, so this area will be updated in a few days once everything has arrived and was properly tested).

The power supply is a Seasonic PRIME 850W Gold, using the latest Seasonic platform, 80Plus Gold certificated, fully modular, all black cables and a stylish design that will match the project.

The graphics card is a NVidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition, a good choice for the CPU and RAM used in this project.

The modding

The back panel is now brushed and not crystal clear, the In Win logo is painted below the Nvidia GeForce Claw logo.

Here is how the back panel looks with both logos painted and its matte brushed finish. The Nvidia Claw has a distressed texture to it, in order to match with the brushed texture of the panel. The In Win logo is in contrast with this distressed texture.  Also the corners are painted, this will be explained lower.

Both logos with LED illumination from above, the light source is behind the panel and not on its edge, I am still trying to find the best way to illuminate this side of the case.

The corners of both side panels are painted in a green on black honeycomb design, they are painted in pairs. The wood lower panel is from the previous modding project, it is mounted on the case just for side comparisons and measurements for the new panels. The paint on the corners features the same distressed design, this way each corner is unique.

The green Nvidia paint used in this modding project is custom made at an automotive paint shop, for a decent price they had it in a spray can with a better spray nozzle and quicker drying time.

The front panel is made out of clear plexiglass, it will display an In Win branding but I will keep that particular design undisclosed until I finish with this panel. In the photos below the panel is still covered by the factory protective plastic foil to avoid scratches and marks from the paint.

The smoked side panel is a prototype for the final design of those two panels, it is placed on the case as a reference point for the whole case design. This way I can get a better picture of the final look and what needs to be changed or updated.

The corner panels are cut and smoothed on the edges, these are probably the hardest panels of the case to manufacture due to their shape and hole spacing. Also each panel and each corner is slightly different in mounting, so no panel is exactly the same.

To be continued

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