Case mod – Translucid Paragon

This project is based around the unique In Win Tòu, this is the case number 41.

I would like to thank my sponsors: In Win Nederland , Aquatuning Europe, MSI Europe, Transcend, Patriot Memory and Noiseblocker.
With In Win’s 30th Anniversary, I will modify the Tòu while keeping some of its design.
I will update the system specifications once everything is set.
First the awsome & unique In Win Tòu:

In Win’s original white illumination (the purple tint is from the camera lens).

Now the sponsorships


Transcend, Patriot Memory, MSI and Noiseblocker


The first wood has been cut


Here are some of the water-cooling components:


The new Alphacool Eiszapfen 13mm HardTube fittings


The wood for the side panels and for the lower corners has been cut.


Modding the In Win Desert Fox PSU
The PSU has been painted matte black


And now the 24Pin cable is sleeved.


 The front wood panel has been cut to shape and the writing is done.

At the moment this panel needs to be sanded including the edges and writing


Small PSU Update, two wires one pin and one sleeve


The Alphacool heatgun, much needed for hardtubing.


Here is the new reservoir for this project.


For this project, a GTX 660 Gaming was used, it is still capable of gaming and it matches the motherboard and the overall color scheme.

I left the dust around the fans as a piece of evidence that this GPU is here straight from it’s gaming activities!


Speaking of motherboards


The Alphacool radiator is already in its place with metallic and rubber washers


The wood side panels are done and already on the case, next I have to mount the corner small panels


I did my first bend 🙂
By the way, those white spots are just dust from cutting the tube.


Here is the system without the Power Supply and before the watercooling setup, the wire management for the pump is still in its early stages.

Here is the cooling loop doing its first run, also testing the stock lightning.


Unfortunately I had to swap the GTX 660 with a GTX 650 Ti, one of the o-rings had a major leak and the water went straight on the back PCB of the GTX 660, at the moment I am still trying to dry the GPU, chances are it will be fine.

The Transcend SSD is mounted on a Sony floppy disk, it’s a storage device on a storage device

The case as it looks finished, still some small things to do.

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