Optoma BX-CTADOME – Dome lens

The BX-CTADOME lens is specifically aimed at the dome projection market and is simple to set up, delivering an immersive 360 degree projection on pop up or permanent curved spaces from a single projector with no blending required. Ideal for planetariums, simulation, military and live events or where 360 degree projection is required, the BX-CTADOME […]

ARCTIC´s P533 PENTA Headset

  Arctic AC launches their gaming headset P533 PENTA designed in close collaboration with the eSports team PENTA in order to deliver a gaming oriented product. The headsets feature a black-orange color theme and a military style construction. The smooth, noise canceling earpads and padded leatherette headband guarantee the highest level  of comfort during intensive training […]

Silverstone Reversible USB Type-A to Reversible Type-C cables

http://silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=732&area=en SilverStone Technology launches the SST-CPU04-500 / SST-CPU04-1000 / SST-CPU04-1800 cables. These are available in three colors: Gold / Silver / Charcoal. The CPU04 is a SilverStone designed cable for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices requiring USB connections. It has premium construction with nylon braiding and textured aluminum connector housing for great feel while […]

ARCTIC expands its fan range with the F14 series

ARCTIC sets up the F14 fan series completely new ARCTIC expands its fan range – and sets up the 140 mm series completely new. Not only the F14 are available in full model selection for the first time, moreover the big fans are quieter than ever before and equipped with innovative features. F14 The standard […]